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GREAT  (the Goit River Environment Action Team) has, since 2005, been campaigning to persuade  United Utilities to improve the visual and recreational environment of our Parish by 

  • The removal/replacement of the railings alongside Railway Road
  • The restoration of the Goit waterway as an open channel, as a part of the local environment and recreation network between Brinscall, Withnell and Abbey Village.

United Utilities are not prepared to move forward on any of our proposals until at least their review before late 2014, when the next round of capital works 2015-2020 will be determined .

In the meantime the company have challenged the capacity of the group to prove that it is able to raise funds as a demonstration of the communities’ commitment to the project. 

We now have to take a longer term view.

To this end GREAT wish to introduce a ‘pledge’ scheme open to every household, business and other supporters in the parish and beyond to pledge an affordable sum of money towards the removal/replacement of the railings. Our research has established that a sum of £60,000.00 + will be required for this task for which GREAT may have to raise between £20000 and £30000 as part contribution to match fund monies from UU or other source.
This amounts to £20 from each household (Click HERE) within the Parish. Local businesses and others) may wish to pledge more for example £250 would provide for a single panel of fencing and there may be ways of acknowledging such on the panel. (Click HERE)

  • Full consultation will be made on the type of fence to be deployed

Money pledged will only be collected if and when the works have been committed.

So please show your support for these improvements to your parish by completing the form.

Thank you,

John Finlay (Secretary)

You can help!

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