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GREAT-Goit River Environment Action Team


a) To create a bio-diverse wildlife environment in the midst of the villages of Withnell and Brinscall by uncovering and landscaping the Goit waterway and its surroundings. (The Goit runs under a culvert from the Abbey Village side of Norcross Brow for 1500m alongside the green railings on Railway Road from Withnell to Brinscall, under the bridge on Quarry Road and from behind Brinscall Baths to emerge in Brinscall Woods).

b) To work with Withnell Parish Council, United Utilities plc and with all other interested parties in the parish on the integration of the GREAT project with other environmental and relevant community projects that impact on the villages.

c) To involve local schools and community groups in the development of the project to encourage ownership and enhance its sustainability.

d) To continue as an organization that will ensure that our local communities and visitors enjoy access to the Goit and adjacent environment in perpetuity.

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