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Covering the Goit

Work on the contract was commenced in August, 1905, but the rains which were experienced during the autumn of that year prevented and substantial progress being made. At the start of 1906 the length of completed Culvert was 128 lineal yards, being only 11 per cent of the whole. Up to the end of April the weather continued to be unfavorable ; in addition to the time lost by reason of snow and rain and consequent floods, it was impossible on several occasions to do any concreting owing to the frost. From May up to November better progress was made, the Culvert being completed up to No. 3 Bridge by the latter month. The nature of the operations is shown by the following photographs.

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The following images are available for download

Click HERE for Proposed footpath route along Goit on Railway Road

Click HERE for Proposed Cross Section through proposed footpath and goit construction along railway road

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