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The GREAT Project

What is the GREAT project?

The objective of the GREAT project (Goit River Environment Action Team) is to create a bio-diverse wildlife environment in the midst of the villages of Withnell and Brinscall by returning the Goit waterway to nature after being covered for 100Yrs ...more

A Current View Of The Goit  A Future View Of The Goit

A Current View Of The Covered Goit

A Future View Of The Goit

Sandra Grime - Chair GREAT: 2012

I am delighted to become Chair of GREAT following the tenure of Dr Brade since our inception in 2005. I know that everyone has appreciated the role undertaken by him over the last seven years and while no longer active in the group I know he continues to share our objectives and aspirations.
These remain the same. (Click HERE)
Initially perhaps the group underestimated the scale of the project and the fact that even for United Utilities this represented a major undertaking. As a result the project could not be included in their Capital Expenditure Programme 2010-15. Following further discussions with UU it became clear that the project needed to be broken down into a set of manageable tasks. This we have now done with a view to preparing a further approach to United Utilities for works at a fundable scale to be including in the next spending round 2015-20.

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The first priority element is the replacement of the metal railings along Railway Road with an alternative that meets current public safety standards and is visually more attractive within the environment.

For this we need your further support.

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